I’m moving to another hosting server

After my websites crashed last week, I spent a good amount of time with Tech Support at my hosting company and it did not turn out as well as it could have. It was just too difficult to contact them and they were way too slow in repairing the problem. So I am moving all my websites to another server this week. I have readers from all over the globe so whatever time I select is bound to affect someone somewhere and I apologize in advance for that. My technician is competent and efficient so this site won’t be unavailable for long.

I am grateful for the many, many readers I have and it is the increased traffic onto this site that caused the problem to begin with. The existing server cannot handle the traffic unless I upgrade to my own server and their charge for the server is prohibitive. So I have purchased dedicated space on a server with another company that has high ratings for tech support and a much more accommodating price. There should be no more traffic-induced issues once the move is complete.

And I am pleased to announce the addition of new courses very soon. Most will be at no cost, a few will be available for a small charge, all of them part of my intent to extend your reach, multiply your effectiveness, and divide your work.

Thanks again for being part of The Practical Leader family of successful and effective leaders and managers.

Jack Dunigan

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