About Us

Is this your story, too?

I was a brand new graduate ready to start on the first day of a new job and new career. Years of hard work, classes, papers, and exams lay behind. A bright, promising future lay just ahead.

On that first morning of the first day of a new career, I stepped outside my house for a walk. After only a few steps, I stopped. The words that had been nagging my thoughts found voice as I said right out loud, “I don’t have any idea what I am going to do.”

It is a story nearly everyone can claim. Many decades later I sat next to a young woman who was graduating from Harvard, one of the more prestigious universities on the planet. We were hosting a graduation party for our son and this young woman was one of his cohorts in his class. She seemed nervous, even anxious.

I sat next to her and inquired if she was alright. “I’m scared,” she replied.

“Of what?” I responded.

“I have no idea what to do now.”

As we spoke further, I learned that she was feeling then what I had felt back then, uncertainty and anxiety.

We both had quality educations. We both had done well in our colleges. We both faced a bright future, but with the same doubts.


Not because education is insignificant or unnecessary, but because institutional education is inadequate. The day I graduated one of my professors walked up to congratulate me and offered this sage prediction. “You have a degree, now you are going to get an education.”

She was quite correct.

Please understand that we are not maligning formal education in any way. We are, however, suggesting that it seems to leave us ready to know more, to understand how that expensive education actually applies itself in real life.

It is the practical side of things that we focus on here at ThePracticalLeader.com. We believe that nothing puts a great formal education to work better than real life. We stumbled and failed at times, stood steadfast and succeeded at others.

You will too.

And we believe that we have something useful and vital to offer – the voice of experience, insight, and understanding. We are guides because we’ve been down the same path, walked the same hallways, climbed the same ladders.

And we are here to make things better for you. We are not reluctant to share. We are not forgetful of the paths before you because we’ve walked them already.

The resources you will find here started with my story. I am Jack Dunigan, CEO of The Practical Leader. But they are not limited to my experience. We have also gathered some of the best minds and most insightful leaders around. You can learn from them, too.

We are dedicated to and focused upon practical advice for leaders and managers of businesses, corporations, non-profit agencies, families, organizations, departments, anywhere and anytime a person leads others.

We all hold degrees; most of us hold post-graduate ones. The best proof is that we’ve found success in real life.

And we believe you will too.

Jack Dunigan