Help Someone Else While You Help Yourself

The price of one of our books as a Kindle version is about the same as a cup of coffee at Starbucks. One of the print versions is little more than 2 or 3 cups, less than many of us spend in a week’s commute to work.

It may not seem like much to many of us.

But for many aspiring and growing leaders within the worldwide reach of The Practical Leader, even that amount is insurmountable. For example, the typical wage of a young professional in Uganda, East Africa (I have lived there and we still have a project there) is but $215 US per month. This means that a typical paperback book would cost an entire day’s wage.

Think of this for a moment. How much do you make per day? Would you pay a day’s wage for one book?

Probably not! Most of us could not afford to.

When we founded The Practical Leader as a nonprofit organization in 1972, it was for the purpose of developing leaders in places where talented and gifted people simply seldom have the opportunity to go to college or university. We did it then.

We still do that today.

And you can do that, too.

Whenever you buy a book, either paperback or eBook, we will give one to a deserving leader in another part of the world.

Now, we do more than that. We also provide leadership development services, workshops, and small group resource material in the developing world as well. We are funded by donations and through the sales of books and courses.

So, when you buy one – we give one. Your participation works both ways. You receive the benefit of your purchases and you enable a young, growing, enthusiastic leader to do the same.

This happens each and every time you make a purchase here at or purchase one of our books on Amazon or one of our courses at The Practical Leader University.

Thank you so much.