This week in the world of leadership blogs

There are so many talented leaders sharing insight, it is not always easy to get to them all. Here is a summary of some of what’s been posted this week on leadership and management blogs:

Is kindness your weakness as executive director? Natasha Golinsky explores what it means to maintain your integrity as a leader and keep the balance between kindness and responsibility. Check it out on her blog Next Level Nonprofits. The article is here.

Coach John C. Agno discusses the challenge of finding better leaders within the bureaucracies of government in his post “Leadocracy: A Search for Better Government Leadership” on his blog. He also discusses a new book that addresses the subject.

Dan Waldschmidt lists 26 Radical Beliefs of Super-Star Business Leaders on his blog. These were posted over a week ago but worthwhile reading anyway. I especially like #7 – Experience is what you earn right after you need it.

Want to know how to make a bad meeting really bad? Check out Mike Roger’s post here.

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