The Practical Leader Podcast – Now Online

 Now online – The Practical Leader Podcast.

When I conducted a survey of readers of this blog, the results indicated that the preferred podcast format was 15 minutes or less released once a week. So, that’s what we’ve produced. In upcoming episodes I will be interviewing some of the best and brightest stars in leadership, business, non-profit, education, and the military. You won’t want to miss even one episode.

Now, every Wednesday, a new episode of The Practical Leader Podcast will be released. It is available three places:

Right here. Just follow this link or click on the podcasts tab in the menu at the top of the page.

Listen, subscribe, and download on iTunes at (Please note that episodes will appear here on this blog sooner than on iTunes. Apple takes longer to process the links.)

Listen or download at Buzzsprout –

Shownotes are available only here on this blog, follow the link above to access them.

So, check back each week or subscribe at iTunes. When you have an idea for an episode, let me know at


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