Thanks for a great year!

When I left my day job less than 16 months ago, had almost no readers. Today, I am happy to report that almost 20,000 leaders and managers have visited this site more than 61,000 times so far this year. It has been a wonderful year. Here are the most popular posts for the year (click on the title to reread it).

The principle of the Promissory note

The principle of foreign exchange – 6 mistakes motivators make

The end of the interview – 5 things you need to do when interviewing prospective employees

The principle of good faith

The principle of risk management

And finally, the article that received the most pass around through Twitter and other social media – The Story of Sam.

What’s ahead for 2014:

At least one more book

An intense telecourse – Developing Capable People, how to find and cultivate people who will extend your reach, multiply your effectiveness, and divide your work.

The Practical Leader Podcast – interviews and information for effective leaders

And of course, the on-going content you can use to become even more effective in your role as a leader and manager.


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