Measuring Resilience – how well and how quickly can you adapt

Change is a constant. Always has been, always will be. Leaders are, in every sense of the word, change agents. Leadership itself is a dynamic position, not a static one. It is not possible to lead if things stay the same. When that happens, leadership becomes management.

But there are times when change moves faster and covers more ground than other times. Without doubt today’s leaders face generational differences that are more pronounced, encounter technological advances that are more consequential, and must cope with an evolving marketplace than perhaps at any other time. It can, at the very least, seem that way.

Being able to bounce back, being able to go with the flow without being carried under the current is one of the most critical capacities of an effective leader.  And there is a tool available that will enable you to assess your resilience as a leader. It measures your ability to “adapt quickly to change, and deal with rapid shifts in our workplace landscape.”

Karlin Sloan & Company has developed a Leadership Resilience Assessment that promises these results:

  • Heightened awareness of individual leadership strengths, competencies, and attitudes.
  • Understanding of the key attributes that enable positive change and positive change leadership.
  • Increased effectiveness, endurance, and fulfillment on the job.
  • Better team performance under stressful conditions.
  • Focus and direction for teams dealing with change and challenge.

The assessment is a series of questions, they call it an insight tool, a snapshot of your strengths as they relate to resilience on the job. It takes but a few minutes to answer the questions then a complete profile is sent to you.

The profile is where the product really shines. Mine was 32 pages long containing a thorough explanation of what my answers implied in the three domains it assesses: Relationship to Self, Relationship to Others, Relationship to Environment (meaning workplace, not nature).

It then lists out what patterns you are likely to see in your own behavior. In addition it elaborates on how you can expect yourself to handle reverses. All in all it is a worthwhile tool at the $69 charge.

The good news is that Karlin Sloan & Company have offered a $20 discount to readers of The Practical Leader. (Full disclosure – I am NOT receiving any commission of any kind for this.) To take the assessment and get the discount, use the discount code RAWQDISCOUNT at checkout. To access the Leadership Resilience Assessment just go to


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