Making Good Decisions

Making Good Decisions:

When a recent graduate joined a prestigious firm, his ambition to succeed and advance drove him to cultivate a friendship with one of the firm’s principals. After a few weeks he felt comfortable enough with the man’s friendship to ask, “How do I get ahead in this business?”

“Make good decisions” he replied.

“But there’s so much to learn, how do I learn how to make good decisions?”


“How do I get experience?

“Making bad decisions!”

Well, I have plenty of experience, enhanced by bad decisions. I can report, nonetheless, that the result is good decisions.

I first started in a position of leadership and responsibility in 1972. The morning I started in my new job, I remember saying out loud to no one in particular, “I have no idea what I am supposed to do.”

Did I have a college degree? Yes.

Had I been promised my college education would prepare me for my profession? Yes.

Did they? No.

Why? Because leadership is a practical art more than it is an academic science.

So, I welcome you to this blog and the development of a corresponding web site. I’ve learned a few things about the practice of leadership and I believe I can help you become an even more effective leader.

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