Look what you’ll miss if you’re not on my Twitter feed

Are you on my Twitter feed? If not, here’s just some of the things you’ll be missing in the next week:

  • Painful lessons in effective leadership
  • How to turn insults into motivation to succeed
  • 5 Visionary CEOs and Their Key Traits That Every Leader Should Master
  • Getting to know and understand your leadership philosophy
  • Leadership communication = talk less, listen more
  • Store important info about your team, company, clients, customers, & key leaders, Where to get a free knowledge management template
  • What leadership is & what it is not
  • Where to get a free online course in Contract management & building relationships in business
  • Managing reinvention of work when mobile is new office

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And then there’s Twitter where I send out links to really important and useful articles like the ones I’ve listed above and free downloads for leaders and managers everywhere. Follow me @jackdunigan

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