Birds of a feather – why we need to belong

We-have-control-over-the-people-who-we-allow-to-influence-our-lives-Bobby-G-Muse-Jr-Simple-Life-Publishing-Posted-11-1-2014-300x224It commonly happens. Single adults hang out with other single adults. After marriage, couples transition away from their single friends and begin to hang out with other couples. The same occurs after children arrive.

Why? Because we are socially programmed to associate with people who are like ourselves. We find both encouragement and support in being with others who share the same frames of reference. On the job, notice how people who rise through the ranks make new sets of friends. People who move into positions of management find their connections with other managers strengthen and their former associations weaken.


Because we learn from others whose challenges and experiences resemble our own.

Because we find encouragement in discovering that others share the same challenges and face the same dilemmas.

Because we need to be able to talk to people who understand what we mean.  It can be dismaying to think you are alone…and sometimes you are. You may serve in a place where you cannot find others of the same level of responsibility. Or it may just be difficult to build a connection with others because of interpersonal or political dynamics.

Because we tend to become like the people with whom we associate.

So, we’ve made a place.  It’s a free, private Facebook page called The Practical Leader Associates. It is only for readers of The Practical Leader and you can join it by clicking on the picture below or this link

Here’s what you can expect to find there:

  • A growing number of leaders like yourself who will answer your questions, respond to your comments, and support your efforts.
  • A place to ask questions and engage others
  • A platform for you to post relevant content from around the cyber world regarding leaders, leading, and leadership principles and practices.
  • Listening ears and supportive voices.

Click through now and join one of the most useful groups on the net.


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