7 ways to know the difference between strategies and tactics

The vision: Liberate Europe, defeat Germany and Italy, then establish a new world order

The strategy: A cross-channel invasion followed by succeeding maneuvers to push the enemy back, destroy their ability and resolve to wage war, bring about their defeat. The strategy was called Operation Overlord.

The tactics: pre-assault aerial bombardment, land troops, fight the way off the beach, capture ports, establish supply lines and methods, secure beachhead, act rather than react.

Vision ->Strategy ->Tactics or, as it works out in real life Tactics implement the strategy that was carefully planned to deliver the vision.

Operation Overlord began 70 years ago tomorrow, June 6, 1944, with Operation Neptune which was the Normandy landings. The overall strategy was logically assembled of several smaller strategies which were in turn implemented by boots on the ground, planes in the air, and ships in the water.

Sometimes used interchangeably in conversation, strategy and tactics are not the same. To make it easier to define, think of strategy as something that happens with the head while tactics happen with the hands.

Bosses think, staff act. Managers and leaders consider, ponder, and create ideas, employees and associates build, assemble, and enact.

Here’s how strategy and tactics fit together:

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