How customers make the decision to buy

This is our series on how to outsell anyone and still be a nice person. And in this video we’re going to be talking about something very special that only a few really, really good salespeople have. This is the third secret of super selling and it is how customers make the decision to buy.

You’ve got to put yourself in the head of a customer. All transactions, every transaction on the face of the earth, every one of them, is a problem solving one. You find out what the problem is, you solve it for your customer, they give you money. That’s the way that it works, pretty good plan.

One of my clients was a home healthcare business. They were expanding and wanting to know exactly what they could do to attract customers. So, I asked the owner what is it that your clients are really buying.

Is it healthcare? What is it that they really want to buy in a home healthcare service?

Well, they didn’t have a good answer right off and they started reciting to me the credentials of their company and the credentials of the employees.

But that’s not why people buy a home healthcare product. Unless those features of your company can be seen as a benefit, they don’t know what it is or why they should buy from you.

So, every benefit needs to be followed by the question, which means what?

We have registered nurses which means, what to a client?

People buy for emotional and psychological reasons, not for logical ones. So what’s a home healthcare business really selling? It’s selling peace of mind, it’s selling assurance, it’s selling care. Those are emotional things.

Do you feature the features or do you feature the benefits? Your credentials may support that, but there’s much more to the buying equation.

Super sellers are able to convince prospects that they have the prospect’s interest at heart, not their own. So, let me ask you, what are you really selling? What are you really selling?

In the next episode I’m going to talk a little more about this by asking you not to sell what you have for sale.