Never pre-judge what your product or service is worth to a customer

Never Guess How a Customer Will Value Your Product or Service

This is the fourth secret of super selling. My name is Jack Dunigan and I have been in this business since 1972. I won a number of awards from various companies for selling and teaching people how to sell.

So, this episode has to do, revolves around actually something that happened to me. I have a pickup truck, but I wanted to get the chrome wheels polished up. I found a company that said that they do that.

They looked at my wheels and they said “Oh, those wheels are going to take a lot of work, so it wouldn’t be worth it.”

Now, that’s an interesting response from somebody that’s in the business, “it wouldn’t be worth it.”

And I wasn’t sure why they said that, because the question would be worth it to whom?

I wasn’t sure what he meant, wouldn’t be worth it to whom?

To the seller? Would it be not worth it to him, but we hadn’t talked about a price?

Would it not be worth it to the buyer, to me? Well, we hadn’t talked about that.

So, who determines value in a sales proposition?

The buyer, me, the buyer determines value, not the seller.

Never assume you know what’s the value point for a customer.


They might be willing to spend it.

If there’s an objection to your price then you can overcome that with the three F’s:

Felt and

And you say, I know how you feel, I have felt that way too, but I found, and then you can overcome the objection with your explanation. Very simple, feel, felt and found.

Dial-in again next week for the next episode, how to respond to rejection. Every salesperson is going to have it. What are you going to do with it?