Success Secret #9 – Finish the Job

Hi, I’m Jack Dunigan of, and on our video channel this week we are returning to our series on The Secrets to Success You Don’t Know That You Already Know. In this episode we’re going to be talking about secret number nine, finish the job. Standby.

I had a problem with my computer, I didn’t know how to fix it, I didn’t have time to fix it. So I decided I needed to get somebody to fix it. So I called on someone. It was a friend of mine, and he lived not too far away. He had a little computer repair business and I wanted to help him out, I like to help small business people if I can.

So I gave him a call, ask him to come over, and he came over and got the computer to go back to the shop, and I was expecting him to fix it. However, what I discovered was he didn’t. He brought it back and it was almost finished. He did everything except a couple of things that needed to be finished up, and he dropped it off at my desk and he said I got it almost done there’s just a couple of things that need to be done, here’s what they are, but I’ll let you finish them.

Now, the first time I thought maybe he ran out of time and he was just trying to save me a little bit of money, but it happened not once, not twice, but three times. Never once did he bring back a job that was completely finished, never once.

So after the third time I ask him why do you do that. Why is it that you bring back the work that I give you to do, but you never finish the work that I give you to do. You know what his response was? It was really amazing, it was not anything I had ever expected to hear from him or actually anybody that I’d hired to do work for me, not anybody. His response was, he asked me if I was lazy.

Was I too lazy to do the rest of the work? Why wasn’t I willing to go ahead and finish the job that he didn’t do?

Now, that of course is not the point. Laziness is not the issue. However I will contend with you, so what if it was that I’m lazy, I hired you to do the whole job, but he didn’t do it. Whether or not I’m lazy is not his judgment to make, nor is it an excuse he could use to not finish the job, he was hired to do, it doesn’t matter. I hired him to do something and he didn’t do all of the job.

So that of course brings up the question why do we hire people?

We hire people to finish the job, to solve the problem, to complete the responsibility, that’s why we hire people. We don’t hire people because we need to hand out money, we don’t hire people because we simply want to have other folks around, don’t hire people because we have some kind of an obligation to provide funds for people who don’t do anything.

We hire people to solve problems. If you look at the tag line underneath the banner and on almost every post of, it says we help people extend the reach, multiply their effectiveness, and divide the work. We’re going to reduce the amount of work that you do, not add to it. I hired him to reduce the work and he didn’t do it. We hire people to get things done.

One principle of effective, successful leadership is you only do what only you can do. Hand everything else off to somebody else. Let me read that again. You only do what only you can do, hand everything else off to someone else.

My wife will tell you that for the past three weeks or so, I spent quite a bit of time working with the freelancers that I’ve hired in various parts of the world, graphic artist, computer technicians, web technicians, designers, because of a new product line that we’re getting ready to launch very soon, and some whole university that we’re putting together very, very quickly. And so I’ve hired all these people because I can produce content, I can write, I can direct, I can manage, I can lead, but all this other stuff somebody else can do.

Only do what only you can do, and hand everything else off to somebody else. Now, that means when you hand off a job it is reasonable to expect that the person or persons you handed it off to will do it, they will do it well, and they will do it completely. It’s also reasonable to expect that when you accept a job from someone you will do that job well, you will do it well for them, and you will do it completely, so that you don’t take it back and say well here I got it almost done, but there’s a few more things you can do. You deliver the job, you’re accountable to somebody, and say you know what, here it is fully done, I have completed my responsibility.

The Success Secret You Didn’t Know That You Already Know,
finish the job.

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