Success Secret #6 – Success Tomorrow Rides On What You Do Today

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The principles of success and achievement are as old as life and as universal as sunshine. They’ve never changed throughout human history and continue to drive and guide the great leaders of our time. In fact, most of us know them already, but probably don’t know just how vital to success they really are. So stand by for the next episode in our series The Secrets To Success That You Don’t Know That You Already Know, episode number six, success tomorrow rides on what you do today.

The two of them stood in the orchard, one of them a farmer, the second a visitor. Admiring the fruit ready for harvest the visitor remarked, just think all this fruit and it does it all by itself. He was of course quite incorrect, and the farmer corrected him. Orchards take lots of work. Lots and lots of work. You know that too. In order to reap a harvest you have to plant. And after you plant you have to tend the planting. It doesn’t just happen all by itself.

Wait and hope are not effective strategies for success. It all rests on making it happen. Sometimes we are trapped in the thinking that success is a result of just luck, or you get a big break that nobody else gets, or somebody else gets a big break that you don’t get. But that really isn’t true. It rests on making it happen.

Success tomorrow means work today. We are hired by companies or our customers to handle responsibility. With it, of course, comes compensation for handling that responsibility. More responsibility means more pay, greater success, higher levels of authority. Planting a seed comes with responsibility to make that seed grow, to nourish it, to nurture it, to tend it, to care for it until eventually the harvest comes in. Work, life and success are very much the same way. It doesn’t begin tomorrow, it begins today. It’s very much like an orchard or a garden. Successful people grow in the success. You don’t just go along, go along, go along and all of a sudden, boom, success happens and there you are thrust in the higher positions of authority and responsibility and compensation. No, it doesn’t happen that way. You grow into it.

Successful people know that to him that has, shall more be given. It’s how you handle things today that depend on how much responsibility and reward you will get tomorrow. You earn more because you’re worth more. You are in the promotion before you get the promotion. How? Because you do more than you’re paid to do. Because you learn new skills, because you take on more responsibility, but you don’t grab for more authority. You solve bigger problems, you play well with others, and you act the part. And you’re accountable for the work that you do, for the work that you’ve done.

Success Secrets You Didn’t Know That You Already Know, success tomorrow rests on what you do today.

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