Success Secret #5 – There’s More To Success Than Succeeding

Hello again! I’m Jack Dunigan of, and this is the next episode in our series The Secrets to Success You Don’t Know That You Already Know. In today’s episode we’re going to learn why is there more to success than succeeding. Standby!

This is a story of a hardworking couple that was a client of mine, actually it was a client of a colleague of mine and I was called in to consult with him in their woodworking business, because I ran a mill work company for several years. This couple, ambitious and hard-working, they spent a huge amount of time trying to make their business go, and it was moderately successfully. They were doing pretty well okay. But they were spending an awful lot of time on the job, and doubtless when they were off the job. Spending an awful amount of time talking about the job.

And that’s the challenge of running a business. It often becomes a 24-7 proposition where all the time the business is at the forefront of everything that you say and do, and everything that you try to say and do. Even when you try to take time off it ends up overwhelming everything that goes on in your life. That’s a problem. Making a living is important, there’s no doubt about it. It’s what successful people do, they make a living. And they do it very well, and they make considerable amounts of money, this couple did. And that seems to be the objective of going into business or embarking on a career to make a good living.

But money can’t buy everything, and this couple was finding out. Because the price of success is becoming very, very high for them. It was intruding on their own personal life and the process of making a living was interfering with their desire to make a life.

Now, the picture in this slide is of a ghost town that is across the valley from where we lived for a great many years in central Arizona. This is the town of Jerome, Arizona. And Jerome was an old copper mining town. Hardly anybody lives there now, a few hundred people at best. But it’s a major tourist spot for people to come and visit. Very colorful, very unique and very, very interesting. Right downtown in Jerome it’s built on the side of hillside so it’s stacked, one building on top of another ending up a steep hillside. But right downtown on the main street there’s sort of a broad area that would pass for a larger parking spot. And right in the middle of that broad area is a hot dog stand. And that hot dog stand is run by a man who was an investment banker in New York City, and he did very, very well there. And if you were to look at him outwardly in New York City you would say this man is indeed a success. The problem is he didn’t think so that there were accessories to that success that he found unsuccessful. It was demanding, it was a lot of pressure. And sure he made a lot of money, but he was spending a lot of money in order to make a lot of money. And so he considered the net result was not what he wanted. He sold out in New York City, came to Jerome, Arizona, bought one of those little stainless steel hotdog carts that you can pull behind your car, got permission from the city and a permit to set up there downtown and he sold hot dogs to the tourist everyday. And he was as we say happy as a clam. Because he had discovered that the good life, as he had known it in New York City, sometimes isn’t a good life.

It might be, for you it may be exactly what you want. And I’m not passing judgment on one way or another. The object of this a particular episode of the Secrets of Success You Don’t Know That You Already Know is that there’s more to success than most of us probably would think, particularly when we’re embarking on the road to success.

A great life is filled with many riches, there’s accomplishment of course, prosperity and all of its accessories in terms of material goods and money in the bank, and there’s also the sense of fulfillment that comes from having addressed what is deep inside you in terms of talents, and skills, and aptitudes, and attitude. And then there’s education and insight that we would regard as riches for us. And then there’s our family and the companionship that we get from them, the respect that we have for ourselves, the respect that we would get from other people, and the respect that we would give to other people. Then there’s that sense of peace that comes from a well lived life. And of course health and affection, acceptance and understanding, contentment and of course simplicity. Some people wouldn’t regard this as sign of success, I would. I would also regard simplicity as a sign of riches because you know and I know that the more stuff you have the more attention you have to pay to it, the more insurance you’ve got to pay for it, and the more taxes you have to pay on it. So, simplicity sometimes is often found later in life when people begin to divest themselves of all of the accompanying articles and material goods that success has brought to them.

It takes much more than money to make us rich. Success is not just measured, although we often think it is, not just measured outwardly, but there’s a lot more to it that gives us true wealth in our life. The Success Secret You Didn’t Know That You Already Know, there’s more to succeeding than success.

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