If you’ve been trying to subscribe to my newsletter but couldn’t…

I just discovered a problem.

A considerate reader emailed to say he wanted to sign up for the newsletter but the captcha was invisible.

I have two sign up forms – one for the newsletter and another for a free ebook. Well, it seems that the captcha in the the form located on top works while the captcha in the second one down the sidebar does not. It doesn’t seem to matter which. If I reverse them the same is true. Both forms were ceated the same way and are coded the same way.

So, I have been in communication with the tech people and they haven’t figured it out yet either. So, until they do, I have disabled the free ebook. When we get it resolved I will set it in again.

Thanks for your patience and if you’ve tried but couldn’t sign up, please try again. If you have an idea of what could be worng, I’d like to hear from you.


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