The Complete Job Interview Success Kit


You walk into the waiting room, ready for your interview appointment. You think you’re the perfect match for this job.

But so does everyone else sitting there ahead of you.

And so will those who come in after you.

But are you really ready?

How do you know you can outshine and outperform all the others to get that job you really, really want?

  • Is your resume’ complete and perfect? Are you sure?
  • Do you know what questions the interviewer is most likely to ask…and precisely how you should answer them?
  • Do you know what you should do when you first walk into the interview room?
  • Do you know what to do if the interviewer asks you an illegal question?
  • Are you prepared to do the 7 things you should ALWAYS do at a job interview?
  • Do you know what you SHOULD NOT DO once you get inside that interview room?

Then you need

The Complete Job Interview Success Kit – Everything You Need to Know and Do to Outshine Everyone Else and Get That Job You Want


Here’s what’s inside

  • “Secrets to an Exceptional Job Interview” by Karen Durand, one of the best job search coaches. Karen has led hundreds of clients to successful careers by showing them just how to put their resume’ together so they stand out.
  • Sample resume’s you can use to build yours. These samples are in doc files so you can cut, paste, copy, and assemble your own.
  • Sample cover letters also in doc files
  • Sample thank you letters in doc files
  • Mock interview questionnaires so you can practice ahead of time and be ready at the real interview

Then as a bonus, the Complete Job Interview Success Kit also includes:

  • 7 deadly job hunting mistakes
  • 229 questions interviewers might ask
  • 101 interview tips
  • Behavioral questions and strategies for answering them
  • How to close your job interview
  • Fortune 500’s Recruiter’s job search tips
  • Interview tips and techniques
  • A Job Opportunity evaluation kit
  • Resume 360 job application tracker to record who you’ve sent a resume to and what you sent them
  • Successful Career change tactics
  • A Self-assessment test
  • A Tip Sheet for networking on LinkedIn
  • 17 questions you can ask at you job interview

That’s nearly 300 pages of proven job interview success insight, understanding, tips, advice, forms, letters, and samples!

So, by now you are asking “How much is this going to cost?”
Now, we could play the game where we assign artificial values to each component and say the total package has a value of $245.00. But you’re too smart for that kind of sales gimmickry and we’re too straightforward to play the game.

We’ve assembled a highly professional, thoroughly useful package that we know will give you the advantage in your search for a new job. We know that because we’ve used this same package with Universities and Technical Schools who follow-up and report that their graduates who follow our plan typically land a new job in just 2 weeks.
Now, no one can honestly guarantee precisely when, but we can be very confident in this package because we use it in real life.

And it is only $19.00!

That’s right, not even a twenty dollar bill gets you every item, every advantage, every confidence that a new job is yours.

And here’s our guarantee. Buy the package, download it and look it over (it comes in a zip file you can unzip on your hard drive), print out the forms and samples. If, in 30 days, you think it is not worth the $19.00, simply contact me, and I’ll refund your money. All of it!

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