Look what you’ll miss if you’re not on my Twitter feed

Look what you’ll miss if you’re not on my Twitter feed

Twitter_logoAre you on my Twitter feed? If not, here’s just some of the things you’ll be missing in the next week:

  • Painful lessons in effective leadership
  • How to turn insults into motivation to succeed
  • 5 Visionary CEOs and Their Key Traits That Every Leader Should Master
  • Getting to know and understand your leadership philosophy
  • Leadership communication = talk less, listen more
  • Store important info about your team, company, clients, customers, & key leaders, Where to get a free knowledge management template
  • What leadership is & what it is not
  • Where to get a free online course in Contract management & building relationships in business
  • Managing reinvention of work when mobile is new office

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And then there’s Twitter where I send out links to really important and useful articles like the ones I’ve listed above and free downloads for leaders and managers everywhere. Follow me @jackdunigan

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