About Us

I am a practical guy and have little patience for conceptualizing. If a concept cannot be readily and expediently translated into an action that produces desirable results, I don’t bother with it. The Practical Leader, my blog and website,  is dedicated to and focused upon practical advice for leaders and managers of businesses, corporations, non-profit agencies, families, organizations, departments, anywhere and anytime a person leads others.

I founded and directed Leadership Ministries, a non-profit agency giving practical advice to the leaders and managers of non-profits in eleven countries. The business arm of that was called The Dynamics Group and I served as consultant with clients of all types and in varied fields from the Office of the President of the Navajo Nation to the Thousand Trails Campgrounds. I took a break from the demanding travel that consulting required to start and successfully run a custom millwork business on St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. When I sold the business in 2009 it was rated by AllBusiness.com as #3 top employer and #4 top woodworking company by sales in the islands.

The important thing is I can unapologetically say I know what I am writing about. Yes, I have a Master’s Degree. But the highest proof is in the fruit of my life. Practical Leadership works in real life!

You may already be familiar with my writings from my blogs. I author and contribute to several. Here are some of them:





The Practical Leader is the official website for LeadershipEnrichmentMinistries, Inc, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible. Leadership Enrichment Ministries has a Christian foundation but we are NOT a church nor do we promote any particular religious creed. Our religious roots speak more to our focus on service based in the ethical treatment of others and our commitment to good will and the mutual benefit of those with whom we serve than it does about any ritual or rite. We believe that Christ demonstrated by his life how we should live – that the greatest, highest, and most noble objective for one’s life is that the world is left a better place because we were in it. You will read, hear, and see the occasional reference to the Bible, but we use it as a base for example and illustration for sound and proven leadership and management principles and practices.