3 Essential Skills


pay with social media butto for 3 essential skills3 Absolutely Necessary, Must Have, Never Fail, Always Present Skills Of A Capable, Effective, Successful Leader defines and applies the fundamental principles possessed by every effective leader. Drawing from decades of experience in a miltitude of settings and cultures, analyzing hundreds of formal and informal leaders, the author synthesizes the complex tasks of leadership into a trio of universal principles.

Leadership is not easily defined, but easily identified. Ineffective leadership is quite easily seen because there is so much of it. But, really competent leaders excel because they possess, and employ, only a handful of skills. Those skills are defined and examined here.

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By David Fritsche TH. D.

 Once again, Jack Dunigan has taken on the complex world of leadership journalism, cut to the chase and made it simple and easy to understand. Jack is always like that, with any subject, any group of people or any point of consideration – He reduces it to the essentials and leaves his audience focused on the actions they can take. This work is short, to the point and leaves one with an ‘Ah Ha!’ experience. Jack’s rare ability to observe people, situations and groups and to articulate the important matters, is refreshing, stimulating and leaves the reader ready to move forward with fresh energy. I highly recommend this book and look forward to the completion of the entire series. Anyone aspiring to be a leader would do well to listen to Jack Dunigan and to follow his lead.

 5.0 out of 5 stars Skillfully written yet easily accessible for readers and leaders across many cultures and settings

 By Leadership101

 These insights are clearly informed by years of practice and experience, transcending many of the impractical offerings of other scholarship or armchair theories on this topic so central to success in life, business and changemaking. In my many years of experience and of doctoral research on the topic, I have not often encountered the clarity of this lens. Bravo!

5.0 out of 5 stars Practical, Enjoyable Easy Read

By Keith Allen

 Jack takes the complex subject of leadership and management and breaks it down into practical, easy to understand morsels. I have read many management and leadership books and have found it somewhat rare to find new and fresh concepts. Jack has provided new and fresh concepts. I look forward to enjoying the other books in this series.


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