The Most Powerful Question a Leader Can Ask…and it’s only one word

Businesses and organizations tend to generate lots of paper and digital directives. Over time (usually a very short amount of time) they put in place standards, processes, systems, methods, and forms…lots and lots of forms to be filled out and handed to someone at some time who does something with them (although most of us … Read more

Why leadership training programs fall short

The American Society for Training and Development reports that U.S. businesses spend a whopping $170 billion on leadership training programs.  They largely fail or at the very least fall way short of the expectations set for them. Why? Because you do not train leaders; you develop them. Training does have its place. We can train … Read more

Stuck in 1st gear – is the impediment to progress you?

It happens easily enough and usually innocently enough. You start a business or organization then endure what is often a long and expensive learning curve. Along the way you learn…you learn a lot. You discover the competencies and incompetencies of those working with you. You learn how to manage cash flow challenges. You learn the … Read more

The 15 diseases of leadership according to Pope Francis

From the Harvard Business Review, April 14, 2015, by Gary Hamel Pope Francis has made no secret of his intention to radically reform the administrative structures of the Catholic church, which he regards as insular, imperious, and bureaucratic. He understands that in a hyper-kinetic world, inward-looking and self-obsessed leaders are a liability. Last year, just … Read more

Are you building digital barriers?

One company embarked on a program to update the way it interacted with incoming customer requests. As a consulting firm, they employed a fairly large number of mentor/coaches with a wide range of experience in business. There were accountants, manufacturing experts, clothiers, restauranteurs, sales experts, marketing and PR people, and much more. Their advertising is … Read more

Leadership is not about who you are but about where you’re going

Self-importance seems to go hand in hand with titles. Ascending to a position of power and importance can readily go to one’s head. One leader revealed that within hours of being appointed to a new job, one where he was in charge, he received two phone calls from colleagues encouraging him to show his power, … Read more